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89n is the home of a bunch of quirky, intelligent and inspiring folk that like to make great things.

We are based in Sydney, Australia but have world-wide appeal. By taking unique approaches to solving real-world problems we create LIFE out of binary.

Our apps range from tools for Twitter account management to real-time online content proof-checking for editors, an ever-growing stream of email newsletters to a smart website tour system.

Soon we will have even more and we are always looking to make things better.

89n is co-founded by Kevin Garber - an Australian (ex-African) entrepreneur who likes yoga, tofu and shooting staff members with lasers (seriously), and James Peter - a man whose brain has most-likely been sent back from the future and augmented with super-smart technology.

Why '89n'?

8 represents infinity as well as good luck in some cultures.  9 is associated with the Chinese Dragon - a symbol of magic and power.  N stands for network - which is at the core of the internet and the world wide web - our chosen industry.

The symbolism of infinite good luck and a little bit of magic and power across the network of everything we do fits closely with our brand profile and aims.

Our logo

Is a visual play on 8 and 9 and n - can you see all three?

Our founders

Kevin Garber, Co- Founder & CEO:
Kevin has been involved with the internet since the dark ages (at least in internet time) - about 1994.  He is also the founder of Melon Media - a specialist Sydney-based digital agency which was founded in 2000 and counts some of Australia's leading organisations as its clients. He is interested in high growth scalable online businesses.  Kevin enjoys identifying niche enterprise and consumer online "pain points" and solving them through well executed web applications.

James Peter, Co- Founder & CTO:
James provides 89n with the deep technical expertise required in order to build a successful online application.  James founded one of the largest Australian gaming communities PALGN. James loves the challenge of solving complex problems by providing a simple solutions that people understand how to use.

Melon Media 70 Pitt St Sydney

89n - Australia
Level 13, 49 York St, Sydney 2001
GPO Box 1370, Sydney 2001
Ph: +61 2 9232 3722

A brief history of 89n and it's products

  • April 2008: (now CheckDog) prototype built, beta version launched 
  • April 2008: TechCrunch publish article about - requests to trial the system flood in. 
  • May 2008: TechCrunch publish follow-up article about
  • September 2008: gets invited to showcase product at TechCrunch50. 
  • February 2009: moves out of beta, commercial launch. 
  • February 2010: ManageTwitter (now ManageFlitter) - a tool to help twitter users manage their account launches. TechCrunch runs ManageTwitter article
  • April 2010: ManageTwitter almost forced to shut down due to Twitter's concern that the application was violating Twitter's Terms of Service. After discussion with Twitter a compromise is reached. 
  • May 2010: ManageTwitter forced to change its name to ManageFlitter. 
  • May 2010: ManageFlitter to date reaches 50 000 users and processes 10 million unfollowers. 
  • June 2010: CheckDog's users now include News Corporation Australia's network of websites, nineMsn, BBC News London, Stanford University Medical School amongst others. 
  • January 2011: beta launch. 
  • February 2011: ManageFlitter launches Pro+ version. 
  • May 2011: ManageFlitter awarded a place in Australian Anthill's Smart100 Companies Index: position 17 in the Readers' Choice. 
  • July 2011: ManageFlitter to date 356 000 users an processed over 300 000 million unfollowers. 
  • July 2011: 89n is formed - encompassing CheckDog, ManageFlitter, EmailSociety and TourCow.