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89n - Solving real problems with easy to use and intuitive web-based applications.

89n is the home of several amazing web applications.  We build apps that are intuitive, fast and most of all needed.

Would you like to know more? Visit our apps using the product cards below or click the blogs page for the latest news.

CheckDog ensures that your website is free from spelling errors, broken links and broken images. CheckDog's SPELLfocus ensures that you spend time only on the errors that matter.

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So, if there is one feature you would like us to add, what would it be?
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Clean up and manage who you follow. Find out who isn't following you back. Find out which inactive accounts you follow. Easily search inside your Twitter stream. ManageFlitter makes it EASY to manage your Twitter account.

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ManageFlitter's Latest Blog Post: Changes to ManageFlitter - Removal of Follow/Unfollow Functionality -
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A Stream Of The Top 100 Brands' Email Newsletters. Search by type, content, date or popularity for the latest news. New content being added daily.

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Newsletter from Nine West - Take Two & Save 50% on the second item!
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TourCow turns the traditional 'tour' video on its head by introducing a dynamic, javascript overlay which truly guides a user through your site or application. Customisable, powerful and user-friendly.

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Based in Sydney Australia with clients in over 160 countries, 89n is driven by the following values:


Real solutions for real problems

We are driven by identifying real problems, "pain points" and solving
them with effective web applications.



We work hard to keep our applications simple, our pricing plans simple
and lives for our staff and customers simple.


Customers and staff are everything

Our customers pay for our services, and the 89n team are the
alchemists that turn identified problems into well executed web
products and also ensure our customers remain happy. Both groups are
are the reason that 89n exists. All company decisions are made with
respect to the impact they have on these 2 groups of stakeholders.


Awareness for the world around us

We remain aware that we exist in a world where everyone is not as
fortunate as us and we try to make a difference where we can.